Hector Jose Gonzalez

Chef Hector Jose Gonzalez Ortiz was born on Oct. 28, 1984 in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Chef Gonzalez pursued his dream of becoming an artist and began studying plastic arts during his high school years; it wasn’t until his senior year that he decided to enroll at the Universidad del Este and acquire a bachelor’s degree in Management and Culinary Science Arts.

Currently, Chef Gonzalez works as a Culinary Arts Professor at the Instituto de Banca y Comercio, Carolina campus. He keeps himself active in the culinary industry circle with his small catering company called Latin Flavor’s where he prepares creative Caribbean cuisine.

To date, Chef Gonzalez has participated in various culinary events such as the Isla Verde Culinary Festival, Al Gusto de Sam’s, Isabela tiene Sabor, Saborea Puerto Rico, Porta del Sol Culinary Festival, West Beer Fest and the Gastronómika Food & Wine Fest.

Recently, Chef Gonzalez was the winner in the senior category of the Plaza del Caribe Culinary Cup.

According to Chef Gonzalez, Latin Flavor’s is the mode of how he expresses his passion for gastronomy. It’s the way he articulates and forgets everything around him. Each of his dishes will have some color representing curiosity and the desire to impress.