Giovanna Huyke

Chef Giovanna Huyke, is an international culinary leader, she is also called the “Julia Child of Puerto Rico”. She is widely credited with leading the transformation of Puerto Rican cuisine, blending the use of local ingredients with traditional cooking methods, and revolutionizing the trend toward lighter and healthier cooking, without sacrificing flavor.  Chef Huyke has published six cookbooks and 20 recipe booklets showcasing her culinary creations.

Some of her many recent accomplishments include:

•           Host of a daily cooking show called Giovanna’s Kitchen (“La Cocina de Giovanna”) which was broadcast uninterrupted for over 23 years in Puerto Rico

•           Host of a weekly cooking show called En Casa con Giovanna

•           Host of a dinner party cooking show called Giovanna Primetime

•           Walmart/Amigo spokesperson, writing recipes and cooking techniques and tips for the in-store cooking magazine

•           Proctor and Gamble spokesperson in Puerto Rico for “Brand Saver” coupon, cooking and healthy living magazine

•           Featured on: Burt Wolf’s Travel and Traditions, Willard Scott’s segment on The Today Show, Martha Stewart, Good Morning America, Regis and Kathy Lee and Pierre Franey Cooking in America

•           Works published in: Bon Appetite, Food and Wine, Travel and Leisure, The New York Times, The Daily News, Cristina Magazine, Shape en Español

•           Served as culinary ambassador from Puerto Rico to Japan, sponsored by the Puerto Rican tourism bureau

•           Weekly writer for magazines and newspapers: The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico and U.S.)

Chef Giovanna Huyke began her career in theater, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts at Tulane University.  While in New Orleans, she worked in Paul Prudehomme’s Louisiana Kitchen and as an assistant to legendary Lee Barnes, and then moved on to NYC to work with renowned chef Felipe Rojas Lombardi where she learned the importance of “what one can aspire to.”  Chef Huyke then returned to Puerto Rico and worked at the Caribe Hilton for one year, after which she was the first chef at AmadeusRestaurant in Old San Juan, where she pioneered “nouvelle criollo”, which consists of native ingredients and recipes with classic techniques.  Chef Huyke was also the executive chef at Ali-Oli, founded by one of her mentors, Alfredo Ayala.  Chef Huyke also founded Don Juan in the El San Juan Hotel and Giovanna’s Café.