Zulma Cordero

Zulma Oliveras-Cordero was born on January 14, 1976 in the town of Ponce. He grew up to 14 years in Yauco then moved to Ponce where he currently resides.

Since moving to Ponce start practicing the sport of Tennis and this helps her to get an athletic scholarship at the Pontifical Catholic University of PR in Ponce. She earn a Bachelor in Media Communications in Business and Marketing. His passion for cooking made her change course in 2011 when without a job starts baking cupcakes to sell between acquaintances. In three months she had reached triple sales leading her to take this hobby seriously.

Today, The Cupcake Factory is dedicated to preparing more than 30 flavors of delicious cupcakes; from classic Vanilla or Fresh Lemon stuffed with Nutella up to signatures as Bacon & Beer, Champagne & Strawberries and Popcorn with Dulce de Leche. He has participated in several food festivals offering its visitors with yummy samples of cupcakes.

Currently The Cupcake Factory is located on the grounds of La Carreta Restaurant in Yauco.